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Angvlar Forms
€9,99 EUR Monthly
The easiest way to build and manage your online forms.

Drag & Drop builder
Publish in many ways
PayPal, Stripe, CSV Data Validation, etc.
Full responsive and mobile friendly

Angvlar Analytics
€14,99 EUR Monthly
Analyze and understand your users behaviour
Easily track your websites visitors and replay sessions to analyze user behaviour.
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Pageviews
Unlimited Visitors Events
15 days Visitors Events Data Retention
Unlimited Sessions Replays Total Events
15 days Sessions Replays Events Data Retention
Unlimited Websites Heatmaps

Angvlar QR - 1 week
€0,00 EUR
Generate simple and dynamic QR codes & shorten links.
Easy, customizable & trackable.
Unlimited Saved QR Codes
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Pixels
Unlimited Custom Domains
30 days Statistics Retention
Password Protection
Custom back-half URL
API Access

SOCIAL Premium Pack - 1 week
€0,00 EUR
Shorten URLs, create bio link pages, custom QR codes, vcard links, file links & more.
Unlimited Biolink pages, blocks
Unlimited Shortened Links
Unlimited File Links
Unlimited Vcard Links
Unlimited Event Links
Unlimited QR Codes
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Pixels
Unlimited Custom Domains
30 days statistics retention
Additional Global Domains
Custom Back-half
Deep linking
Removable branding
Custom Backgrounds
Custom branding
Custom colors
Dofollow links
Leap link
SEO Features
Extra fonts
Indepth Statistics
Links scheduling & limiter
UTM Parameters
Password protection
Sensitive content
No ads
API acces

Angvlar QR Menu - 3 months
€0,00 EUR
The easiest, safest and most practical way of managing your stores menus dynamically. Simple, easy and fast for your customers.
Unlimited Stores
Unlimited Menus
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Items
Ordering System
Analytics Included
Password Protected Store
Custom back-half URL
Block Search Engine Indexing
Custom CSS Styling
Custom JS

Angvlar Conversions - 1 week
€0,00 EUR
Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth
Our notifications were designed with proven
psychological triggers to increase your website by using social proof.
Logo Design
Starting from €75,00 EUR
Do you want a professional logo design for your business?
Signature and stamp digitalization
Starting from €15,00 EUR
Do you want to be able to sign and stamp documents without printing > signing > stamping > scanning the document, and always sending to your partner a lower quality document?
Have your signature and stamp digitalized! You can drag&drop it on the document and send it right away, at maximum quality.
Advertising Static Web-Banner Design
Starting from €35,00 EUR
We create banners that will look perfect anywhere.